Giles Catering

Movie Catering Info.

Giles Catering is happy to travel to your town to cater your project.  

We require:

 *One hotel room for Rick and Beckie to share.

*Kit fee $200.00 per day.

* A secure place to park the mobile kitchen over night with a power source to plug in the kitchen. (most hotels have a place in their lot)

*Power source at set to plug in kitchen, standard household current. If power is not available we have a generator you can rent.

 * A water source for the kitchen once a day.

 * Fuel reimbursement.

 * Standard per diem for Rick and Beckie.

 *If assistant is required - per diem and hotel room for him.

 * Minimum number of servings to be paid for, per day, established before commitment.               

 *Background and  cast and crew over the minimum number will be billed at a negotiated price.

Call Beckie to discuss your food budget, we can design a menu perfect for your crew. 509.8681615